Willow Wolfe

An award-winning artist and author proficient in oil, acrylic and watercolor, Willow Wolfe has watched her star rise dramatically in recent years, placing her among the art and hobby industry’s most sought after teachers and designers. As an instructor of the arts Willow’s ability to convey, inspire and communicate with artists and students worldwide has generated a loyal following and created tremendous demand for her to appear in dozens of locations a year, conducting trade shows, seminars and lectures.Select Artiste #3750

Willow has published a small library of internationally available books and painting kits, as well as a multitude of articles in the industry’s best-known magazines. Painting Kits, also known as pattern packets offer instructions, photographs and a line drawing to create your very own work of art. Her literature combines technical expertise with step-by-step worksheets and instructions, helping aspiring artists build skills in a fun and approachable format. In 2010, Willow began publishing her own books featuring the industry’s top artists.

Willow includes pigments discovered in Amsterdam in many of her paintings.

Willow has had the opportunity to travel throughout the world working with manufacturers in product development and marketing. Recently, Royal Talens, the makers of fine paint such as Rembrandt and Cobra, invited Willow and seven of the world’s finest artists to Amsterdam and Paris. The group toured museums such as Rembrandt Haus and the Rijks Museum and a traditional mill that grinds pigments.  The Royal Talens factory in Appledorn, where many of the world’s finest art materials are created was the highlight. This educational journey brought Willow to some of the worlds finest museums and galleries. Witnessing the depth and dimension of works by great masters, like Davinci and Archimboldo combined with the education and training offered about her choice of materials was a life changing experience and an honour beyond compare.

Willow personally teaches thousands of students a year and recently began to certify artists with a combination of painting and teaching skills. Willow passionately believes that a great teacher can inspire, motivate and renew individuals. That is why becoming a Willow Wolfe Certified Instructor requires several hundred hours of training with Willow as well as various exercises to ensure proper teaching and painting techniques are instilled.