Justin Vining

Justin Vining is an Indianapolis-based artist, specializing and landscapes and cityscapes. Justin studied Art Education at Purdue University and taught elementary art for three years. Following his tenure as a teacher, Justin attended Valparaiso Law school, where he rekindled his love for creating between classes and clerking. Shortly after graduating and passing the bar in 2010, Justin decided to pursue art full time and hasn’t looked back since.

Originally from a small farm town in Indiana, Justin finds inspiration from American regionalist painters and WPA-era public works. In his progress as a full-time artist, his artwork has evolved from bright, whimsical watercolors and acrylics to more classical oil scenes. In his exploration of oils, he’s begun working en plein air and exploring more muted, natural tones. In 2017, Justin plans on continuing his exploration in oils, balancing this new found love of plain air painting with his studio work.

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As an Art Ambassador for Royal Talens, Vining uses the following products in his work:

  • Plein Air Painting Palette – Rembrandt Oils 
    • 411 Burnt Sienna
    • 409 Burnt Umber
    • 406 Ultramarine Deep
    • 534 Cerulean
    • 342 Brown Madder Deep
    • 377 Perm Red Medium
    • 227 Yellow Ochre
    • 208 Cad Yellow Light
    • 118 Titanium White
  • Studio Watercolor Palette – Van Gogh Watercolors
    • 254 Perm Lemon Yellow
    • 270 Azo Yellow D
    • 370 Permanent Red L
    • 535 Cerulean
    • 506 Ultramarine Deep
    • 633 Perm Yellowish Green
    • 616 Viridian
    • 411 Burnt Sienna
    • 568 Perm Blue Violet
  • Black Gesso: I mix the black and white gezzo to create gray-toned panels
  • Talens Gouache: This palette is the same as my plein air palette