Jeff Olson

Jeff Olson is a Seattle based artist with a significant and original body of work spanning more than twenty-five years. His paintings offer a unique vision of the landscape and the inspirational forces of nature which shape it. The canvases are boldly colored and the brushwork energetic, reflective of the physicality of the land and the process of painting.

Jeff’s primary medium is Amsterdam Expert acrylic paint on canvas, applying the material with a direct and rapid technique. “Genuine painting involves risk-taking. I rely on spontaneity and embrace the unplanned and accept that painting, like nature, is a continuous chain. The emphasis of my process is one of discovery. It is this philosophy that makes painting exciting and meaningful for me, and feeds my ambitions as an artist.”

Jeff holds a BA and MFA in painting and drawing. He has more than a decade of college and university teaching experience in studio art, and more than 15 years in the art material industry with product expertise in a variety of mediums; Olson’s lectures deliver meaningful insights into the history, development, and application of artists’ materials.

Royal Talens’ Art Education mission is to provide “resources for artists and instructors that engage, inform and inspire artistic experimentation and expression.” Jeff’s role as Art Education Director includes: working with our art ambassadors, artists and educators to develop content; create and standardize teaching materials and tools; coordinate training and outreach activities; and provide overall leadership for the program.

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