A note from Kyle Richardson, Vice President of Royal Talens North America

Dear valued art material retailers and distributors,

Welcome to our new trade newsletter!  Our team has put their creative efforts into communicating what we feel is a colorful look into our world and yours.  Expect from us each month, a series of topics that will excite you, make you think and most importantly, inspire your creativity!  Each month, we will showcase current trade promotions, introduce you to members of our team, both in the office, out in the field, or members of our art ambassador team.

You will also hear what’s new in the industry, with our products, with our company and also, we will feature a fellow retailer to hear of their success stories.

We are excited to bring our dialogue with you into the forefront, digitally and welcome your thoughts, opinions and comments on our blog where we will have constantly updated posts about the things that we all care about in this wonderful industry.

We will also release an artist newsletter, which will go out to our growing fan base of professional, student and educational artists throughout North America.  Please feel free to sign up for this as well, as the content will be different and you may find tools, tips and stories in this newsletter as well that your customers enjoy and find value in.  You can sign up for this on our blog page.

We are as excited as all of you are for the future of Royal Talens in North America.  We look forward to working with you to make your business a success, and to have fun along the way!

Warm regards,
Kyle Richardson

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