Robert Masla: Drawing Workshop for the Artist Within

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Sunday May 7, 2018, from 10 – 5pm
at the Ayurveda Health Retreat, Alachua, Florida
$150. -Special $50. OFF Promo mention Casa: Cost $100. -Includes most materials and a wonderful Ayurvedic lunch Reservation/Tickets in advance – call: 352-870-7645

Join artist Robert Masla in the journey of creative expression, learning and fun though drawing. He creates an atmosphere where both absolute beginners and advanced artists alike feel themselves nourished, growing and stretching. Masla will lead you in the exploration of drawing that will help you to see and think visually and uncover your unique creative signature as you learn to draw like a painter. Investigate the depths of your individuality and vision with several processes to access your creative expression and painterly mark making. Draw like crazy – and have fun doing it!

In this fast moving, fun, 1 day workshop you will learn:

• Moving beyond the blank canvas – Intention, emotion and purpose.
• Art Methods and games for dissolving blocks and accessing the flow of your intuitive creative energy
• Simple exercises that you can practice on your own that sharpen skill, technique and eye hand coordination, while learning to see and think visually.
• How to distinguish between the inner critique and critical thinking.
• How to shut off mental chatter.
• How composition and value is the essential foundation for building a strong drawing and a strong painting.
• The importance of, and methods for creating thumbnails, sketches and studies.
• Seeing and Thinking Visually.
• How all these various elements that go into the drawing process apply to painting, whether it be photo-realist, representational, abstract, etc. – from a portrait, to a still life, or landscape, to the totally non-objective.

Regardless of your skill level or the media you choose to work in, when you leave this workshop you will take with you tools, techniques, and methods that you can apply to your art making and exercises you can use to strengthen your skills to continue drawing and become a better painter -through drawing! Join Robert and draw like crazy -draw like a painter.

“Drawing includes three and a half quarters of the content of painting… Drawing contains everything, except the hue.”
-Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Materials: –
Most materials will be provided for you –
You will need a sketchbook (appox. 9” x 12”) with good quality paper that can handle a light wash

Contact Bob if you have any questions: (413) 335 – 4295

Optional materials:
All manner of black and white drawing tools: a variety of hard pressed charcoal and vine charcoal, (for dark and light marks), white chalk or white pastel. Erasers, hard and kneadable, Various pencils, graphite, charcoal, ebony, of various weight and sizes, etc. tortillion or blending stump, chamois or similar blending cloth.