Featured Product: Talens Mediums for Oils

MEDIUMS FOR OIL COLOUR The purpose of a medium is to influence one or more properties of the paint and to make the paint suitable for a certain application. Examples include consistency, gloss, flow, drying time, transparency and durability of a paint film. As an underlying (lean) layer absorbs oil from a subsequent layer, a […]

Featured Retailer: Artists Emporium

  Founded in 1977, Artists Emporium has been serving the arts community for over 40 years. However, it is in their most recent past under the ownership of Janeen Belnovic and management of Bart Jose that Artists Emporium has transformed into a beloved destination for professional artists and beginners alike.  Their slogan “Rediscover the Art […]

Featured Promotion: Winter Back to School

Bigger sizes mean deepers discounts! Look for the “go BIG” icon throughout the Winter Back to School flyer for the biggest savings on some of your favorite Royal Talens products. Go BIG for Back to School- See your local Art Material store for these great deals! Click here to download Royal Talens Winter Back to […]

Featured Employee: Alvin “AJ” Jordan

Name: Alvin Jordan (A.J.) When did you join Royal Talens North America (RTNA)? I started as a temp around Thanksgiving of 2015. I was here to help Jonathan (Warehouse Manager) put the master scale in place. What is your role here? I am Warehouse Lead. I can find anything at any given time as long […]

Featured Product: Rembrandt Water Colors

San Francisco Bay Area Artist Ashlee Williamson has developed a unique style that relies on the materials she uses to perform at the highest levels since they are the star of the show.  For this reason she has tried many brands of paper, brushes and paint to find the materials that will fit her needs.  […]

Featured Color Story: Indigo Blue Plant Extract

  The Indigo pigment has been popular in artists’ circles since the early days of European history, first among the Romans and later, particularly between the 14th and 19th centuries, in the rest of Europe. The blue colour was originally extracted naturally from plants containing the dye Indigotine, but this changed when the German chemist […]

Carmine: Painting with Insect Blood

What do all of these products have in common? Rembrandt oil colours, colour numbers: 318 and 323 Rembrandt acrylic colours, colour number: 318 Rembrandt water colours, colour number: 318 Rembrandt soft pastels, colour number: 318 Van Gogh oil colours, colour number: 318 Van Gogh acrylic colours, colour numbers: 318 and 322 Van Gogh oil pastels, […]