Featured Product: Bruynzeel Coloured Pencils

The Origins of Colored Pencils Ancient pigmented wax-based colors date back more than 10,000 years. In AD 59, “Pliny the Elder” recorded Romans using colored wax based “Creta”, the Latin word for clay. The word’s descendent, “Crayon”, French for pencil, dates back to the 17th century where the oldest known wood covered pencil was discovered. […]

Featured Color Story: Indian Yellow

Indian yellow An unresolved mystery For a long time it was thought that Indian yellow was derived from the urine of Indian cows. But the mystery surrounding the origins of this wonderful golden yellow pigment is still unresolved. For years now artists have been making use of synthetic alternatives that are identical in colour to […]

A Note from Kyle: 2017 Review and a Look Ahead!

I love this time of year, it’s when we get to enjoy the retrospective look back on one period of time coming to a close and also, open a new, fresh page for the year to come.  2017 has been an incredible year, with many changes here as we grow and become more advanced as […]

Featured Color Story: Magenta

A COLOUR WITH A BLOODY PAST As one of the primary colours, Magenta is now an essential part of art painting. The dye was developed chemically in 1856 and owes its name to the bloody battle by the Italian town of Magenta. Due to the poor lightfastness of the dye, the red-pink colour these days […]

Featured Color Story: Ochre, An Ancient Pigment

Since ancient times ochre has been used all over the world for various purposes. Diverse shades of the colour can be seen in, for example, prehistoric cave paintings as old as 350,000 years. The pigment is exceedingly lightfast and, moreover, can be used for all types of paint. These days the natural ochres have mostly […]

Featured Retailer: FLAX art & design

Flax Art and Design: Oakland-San Francisco-San Mateo Not very many retailers have quite the incredible history of selling artist supplies than does the Flax family. The roots of this start in New York and stretch through multiple cities and generations creating a brand name that is instantly recognized. The San Francisco Bay Area has been […]

Featured Color Story: Vermillion

FROM MERCURY AND SULPHUR TO HARMLESS PIGMENTS The history of the wonderful red-orange vermilion has some dark undertones. The colour was for a long time extracted from the highly poisonous mineral cinnabar, which has a high content of both mercury and sulphur. It was quickly learned how to make vermilion using these ingredients. It wasn’t […]

Featured Color Story: Indigo Blue Plant Extract

  The Indigo pigment has been popular in artists’ circles since the early days of European history, first among the Romans and later, particularly between the 14th and 19th centuries, in the rest of Europe. The blue colour was originally extracted naturally from plants containing the dye Indigotine, but this changed when the German chemist […]

Carmine: Painting with Insect Blood

What do all of these products have in common? Rembrandt oil colours, colour numbers: 318 and 323 Rembrandt acrylic colours, colour number: 318 Rembrandt water colours, colour number: 318 Rembrandt soft pastels, colour number: 318 Van Gogh oil colours, colour number: 318 Van Gogh acrylic colours, colour numbers: 318 and 322 Van Gogh oil pastels, […]

What’s In A Name?

Royal Talens is a household name among artists. We are the team behind the well-known brands Rembrandt and Van Gogh, as well as new innovations such as  Cobra. Our company has been manufacturing professional-grade artist’s materials since 1899. But did you know that we weren’t always Royal? That’s right! It wasn’t until 1949, thanks to The Netherlands’ Queen Wilhelmina, that we became […]