Featured Retailer

Featured Retailer: Artisan Art Supplies

From Dennis Metcalf, RTNA Key Account Manager As Western Key Account Manager for Royal Talens, I have been working with Artisan for close to two decades now. Artisan is a destination, not just another art store. Ron, Paul, Ernie, and Dennis have created an environment where artisans, musicians, and creative people can all feel comfortable […]

Featured Retailer: Preston Arts Center

  From Justin Vining, Royal Talens Art Ambassador: I recently had the opportunity to spend two days working with the Preston Arts Center in Louisville and I left that experience completely blown away by their commitment to supporting the arts in their local community. The “newest” member of their staff has been with them for […]

Featured Retailer: Dots ‘N Doodles

From Dennis Metcalf, Key Accounts Manager at Royal Talens North America: Dots N’ Doodles is a specialty art store, located in the quaint town of Astoria on the beautiful Oregon Coastline. Proprietors Scott and Tim work hard to know and understand the needs of their customer base, which extends beyond Astoria to include many of […]

Featured Retailer: Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff

We have a long, sweet history with our friends at Cheap Joe’s.  It was by chance that Steve Hanson, a Canson/Talens sales rep (which was the US company at the time), made the call to Joe at his pharmacy and introduced him to the world of selling Art Materials. Among the first brands that became […]

Featured Retailer: Binders Art Supplies and Frames

“Binders was one of the first accounts I ever interacted with in this industry (a million years ago when working as the Product Manager at Kolo) and is an account I still happily call on as Vice President of Royal Talens North America.  Having known this team for so many years, there are a few things that […]

Featured Retailer: Meininger Art Supply

“As a Key Account Manager for Royal Talens, I see many of the top retailers in the country.  Meininger’s stands out as one of the most successful independents in our industry. In today’s market laced with internet options, smart, successful retailers must be creative and passionate about what they do.  When approached by Royal Talens […]

Featured Retailer: Artists Emporium

  Founded in 1977, Artists Emporium has been serving the arts community for over 40 years. However, it is in their most recent past under the ownership of Janeen Belnovic and management of Bart Jose that Artists Emporium has transformed into a beloved destination for professional artists and beginners alike.  Their slogan “Rediscover the Art […]

Featured Retailer – Art Supply Warehouse

Art Supply Warehouse is the biggest single independent art store in all of southern California- it has been around for a long time!  “Their team is very creative in merchandising and the way they approach their business. ASW has an incredible selection of products and is extremely reactive to new products coming into the marketplace.” […]

Featured Retailer: ArtSnacks (Lee and Sarah Rubenstein)

ArtSnacks is a monthly subscription service for the best art products around, providing artists all over with top-of-the-line art supplies. ArtSnacks is the creative brainchild of Lee and Sarah Rubenstein, a brother-and-sister team who are also behind EatSleepDraw, one of the largest user-submitted art sites on the internet.  Royal Talens: So we met last year and […]

Featured Retailer: FLAX art & design

Flax Art and Design: Oakland-San Francisco-San Mateo Not very many retailers have quite the incredible history of selling artist supplies than does the Flax family. The roots of this start in New York and stretch through multiple cities and generations creating a brand name that is instantly recognized. The San Francisco Bay Area has been […]