Featured Retailer

Featured Retailer – Art Supply Warehouse

Art Supply Warehouse is the biggest single independent art store in all of southern California- it has been around for a long time!  “Their team is very creative in merchandising and the way they approach their business. ASW has an incredible selection of products and is extremely reactive to new products coming into the marketplace.” […]

Featured Retailer: ArtSnacks (Lee and Sarah Rubenstein)

ArtSnacks is a monthly subscription service for the best art products around, providing artists all over with top-of-the-line art supplies. ArtSnacks is the creative brainchild of Lee and Sarah Rubenstein, a brother-and-sister team who are also behind EatSleepDraw, one of the largest user-submitted art sites on the internet.  Royal Talens: So we met last year and […]

Featured Retailer: FLAX art & design

Flax Art and Design: Oakland-San Francisco-San Mateo Not very many retailers have quite the incredible history of selling artist supplies than does the Flax family. The roots of this start in New York and stretch through multiple cities and generations creating a brand name that is instantly recognized. The San Francisco Bay Area has been […]

royal talens retailer forstall art center birmingham alabama

Featured Retailer: Forstall Art Center

Forstall Art Center – Birmingham, Alabama  1990 was a big year for us. I moved to Birmingham from New Orleans, my wife Annette moved from Dallas, we got married, and opened Forstall Art Center. Our first shop was in downtown Birmingham, but we soon moved to the suburbs. This past January our journey came full […]

Featured Retailer: Jerry’s Artist Outlet

Our first Featured Retailer is Jerry’s Artist Outlet in West Orange, New Jersey. Jerry’s Artist Outlet is the premiere artist supply store in the New Jersey/Metropolitan area. This family-run retailer works very hard to have the most unique and interesting fine art products for their customers, and continuously strive to provide the best possible service.  They […]