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Featured Guest Writer: Darryl Funk – Finding Cobra

Darryl W. Funk is a Canadian artist working out of Abbotsford, BC. He studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta and the Center for Arts and Technology, Okanagan in Kelowna, BC.  Darryl has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree specializing in printmaking. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ There is nothing like the feel of […]

Cobra Masterclass- Free Digital Series

FREE 8-WEEK DIGITAL COBRA MASTERCLASS  Water mixable oil painting is an extraordinary painting technique. But you may still be asking… -How is it possible to mix water and oil? -Does that work well?   -What is the best way to use it? Register for this FREE 8-week Royal Talens masterclass ‘Cobra Water Mixable Oil Colours,’ where […]

Featured Product: Painting Solvent-Free with Cobra

Cobra (named for the artist group CoBrA, an abbreviation of Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam, the cities from which the artists originated), is a true oil color, with pigment and drying oils (linseed, or for a few whites – safflower oil).  Using a plant-based emulsifier, the paint accepts water instead of solvent as a means to […]

Lori McNee – Impasto and Glazing with Cobra

Article by Lori McNee www.LoriMcNee.com / www.FineArtTips.com ___________________________________________________ Over the centuries, oil paint has been admired for its versatility. With oils artists can achieve interesting textures ranging from thick impasto effects to beautiful thin glazes that refract the light much like stained glass. I use both impasto and glazing techniques in my own works using Cobra solvent-free, water-mixable oils. […]

Featured Product Giveaway: Rembrandt Pastels

Rembrandt soft pastels, the workhorse of the pastel category, are the featured product this month.  That means we have a special offer for 2 lucky winners! Join The Mailing List Join The Mailing List   Already on our mailing list? Share it on Facebook or Instagram! You will still be eligible to win. We will choose 2 WINNERS: […]

Featured Product: Rembrandt Pastels

Rembrandt soft pastels – the workhorse of the pastel category Known for generations as the world’s most popular soft pastel, Rembrandt pastels occupy a distinct and important segment of most pastel painters’ process. While not as hard as carre pastels, and not as soft as some of the finishing pastels on the market, Rembrandts are […]

Guest Writer: Vic Hollins Reviews Ecoline

My name is Vic Hollins, and I’ve been living through art my entire life. As not only a full time artist, but also a part time art store employee for many years, I can truthfully say that there is no similar or comparable product in terms of quality or performance to Ecoline. I’ve been using […]

Featured Product: Ecoline Liquid Watercolor

What better way to welcome spring than with vivid, luscious colour? Have you tried Talens Ecoline liquid watercolor?  Talens Ecoline has been a part of the creative landscape since 1930, and remains a cornerstone in the art world today. Available in 30ml jars in 46 colors and as Brush Pens in 29 colors plus a […]

Featured Color Story: Indigo Blue Plant Extract

  The Indigo pigment has been popular in artists’ circles since the early days of European history, first among the Romans and later, particularly between the 14th and 19th centuries, in the rest of Europe. The blue colour was originally extracted naturally from plants containing the dye Indigotine, but this changed when the German chemist […]

Featured Product: Amsterdam Inks

MSRP – $7.95 | 46 colors – 30ml | Available mid-April 2017 Highly anticipated Amsterdam Inks are here!  A fluid formula which works great in airbrush, fountain pen, with a brush or straight from the jar!  All colors match our Amsterdam Standard range of paint, markers and work great with our new Acrylic mediums.  Available […]