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Featured Product: Talens Gouache

We’re about to take a trip into the most misunderstood, perhaps mysterious and certainly one of the most versatile mediums in our range.  For centuries artists, designers, illustrators and educators have been using Gouache for a variety of purposes.  Because of its many unique properties and as a result of it being difficult to classify, […]

Featured Product: Talens Mediums for Oils

MEDIUMS FOR OIL COLOUR The purpose of a medium is to influence one or more properties of the paint and to make the paint suitable for a certain application. Examples include consistency, gloss, flow, drying time, transparency and durability of a paint film. As an underlying (lean) layer absorbs oil from a subsequent layer, a […]

Featured Product: Van Gogh Oil Colours

Van Gogh is the brand for the working artist who is searching for quality and exceptional value. Royal Talens developed the brand to be a happy medium between professional grade and student grade oils.  The oil colours are made using pure pigments and are milled into a quality oil binder which ensures the buttery colours […]

Featured Product: Rembrandt Oil Colours

Proudly crafted in Holland on triple roll mills, Rembrandt is the professional choice, most notably for direct painting and Plein Air painting. Rembrandt oil colour is a unique combination of superior quality and tradition.   Rembrandt is one of the oldest brands of Royal Talens. Its history dates back to 1899, the year that the founder Marten […]

Featured Retailer: ArtSnacks (Lee and Sarah Rubenstein)

ArtSnacks is a monthly subscription service for the best art products around, providing artists all over with top-of-the-line art supplies. ArtSnacks is the creative brainchild of Lee and Sarah Rubenstein, a brother-and-sister team who are also behind EatSleepDraw, one of the largest user-submitted art sites on the internet.  Royal Talens: So we met last year and […]

Ecoline Brush Illustration: Guest Blog

Hello ~ I’m a calligraphy instructor with a career in graphic design, including brush illustration . . . which can be done by hand rather than a computer! In fact, when I teach brush calligraphy, we begin with drawing ~ simple images: apples, animals, garden critters. It helps students become familiar with what the brush […]

Featured Guest Writer: Darryl Funk – Finding Cobra

Darryl W. Funk is a Canadian artist working out of Abbotsford, BC. He studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta and the Center for Arts and Technology, Okanagan in Kelowna, BC.  Darryl has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree specializing in printmaking. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ There is nothing like the feel of […]

Cobra Masterclass- Free Digital Series

FREE 8-WEEK DIGITAL COBRA MASTERCLASS  Water mixable oil painting is an extraordinary painting technique. But you may still be asking… -How is it possible to mix water and oil? -Does that work well?   -What is the best way to use it? Register for this FREE 8-week Royal Talens masterclass ‘Cobra Water Mixable Oil Colours,’ where […]

Featured Product: Painting Solvent-Free with Cobra

Cobra (named for the artist group CoBrA, an abbreviation of Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam, the cities from which the artists originated), is a true oil color, with pigment and drying oils (linseed, or for a few whites – safflower oil).  Using a plant-based emulsifier, the paint accepts water instead of solvent as a means to […]

Lori McNee – Impasto and Glazing with Cobra

Article by Lori McNee www.LoriMcNee.com / www.FineArtTips.com ___________________________________________________ Over the centuries, oil paint has been admired for its versatility. With oils artists can achieve interesting textures ranging from thick impasto effects to beautiful thin glazes that refract the light much like stained glass. I use both impasto and glazing techniques in my own works using Cobra solvent-free, water-mixable oils. […]