Featured Color Story

Featured Color Story: Ultramarine

Ultramarine ‘The blue gold’ Ultramarine is a colour that has appealed to people’s imagination since the early Middle Ages. These days it is impossible to imagine the standard palette without this intense blue with its excellent lightfastness. However, up until 1828 only the natural variant was available. An expensive affair, all the more so since […]

Color Story: Pigments vs. Dyes

Pigments vs dyes Pigments are coloured powders that do not dissolve in the liquid with which they are mixed. They have to be regularly mixed and ground in the (liquefied) binder. Properties of the paint such as colour, tinting strength, opacity/transparency and lightfastness are determined, among other things, by the type of pigment used. If a colour-giving […]

Featured Color Story: Gamboge

Gamboge Golden yellow poisonous sap The beautiful golden yellow was already used in the Middle Ages to colour in ornamental letters and illustrations. The transparent colour comes from the sap of the Garcinia tree. As the sap is poisonous and has a poor lightfastness, the original Gamboge has been replaced with harmless pigments that do […]

Featured Color Story: Indian Yellow

Indian yellow An unresolved mystery For a long time it was thought that Indian yellow was derived from the urine of Indian cows. But the mystery surrounding the origins of this wonderful golden yellow pigment is still unresolved. For years now artists have been making use of synthetic alternatives that are identical in colour to […]

Featured Color Story: Whites in Oil Colors

White, color or no color, the color of purity, the divine and life itself. The oil colors range of Royal Talens has many different whites. In order to be able to make the right choice, the different properties and applications of these whites are described below. BINDERS Pigments determine the color of the paint, the lightfastness and the opacity or […]