Featured Artist

Featured Artist: Ryan Bradley

New York-based artist Ryan Bradley is best known for his photo-realistic style as expressed through his intricate, pastel renderings of the female form, which are adorned and embellished through elaborately complex patterns and florals. Royal Talens North America Vice President Kyle Richardson sat down with Ryan to talk technique, medium, and of course, Royal Talens […]

Guest Writer: Vic Hollins Reviews Ecoline

My name is Vic Hollins, and I’ve been living through art my entire life. As not only a full time artist, but also a part time art store employee for many years, I can truthfully say that there is no similar or comparable product in terms of quality or performance to Ecoline. I’ve been using […]

Featured Artist: Justin Vining

This month’s featured artist, Justin Vining, draws inspiration from rural America and has become fascinated with the disappearance of small family farms that once dominated the American Landscape. Royal Talens North America Vice President Kyle Richardson sat down with Justin to talk inspiration, projects, and Royal Talens products. Justin, you and I have known each […]

Featured Artist: Terry Strickland

Our first Featured Artist, Terry Strickland, creates work that is a combination of technical mastery and depth of content. While the paintings are highly realistic, they’re also thought provoking in their concepts and imbued with imagination and poignancy. We asked Terry to talk with us about her work as an artist, and why she uses Royal […]