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Royal Talens In The News: Take Magazine

Back in November, we had the honor of being featured in Take Magazine. Click the title below to read the article on Take’s website! A COLORFUL PRESENCE IN DOWNTOWN NORTHAMPTON NOVEMBER 21, 2016 –  CAROLINE DAVIS, MASSACHUSETTS Kyle Richardson and the folks at Royal Talens don’t just sell paint supplies, they embody the philosophy of […]

Featured Employee: Dennis Metcalf

This month’s featured employee, Dennis Metcalf, works as the Key Account Manager for  Royal Talens’ Western US Territory. Dennis and Kyle sat down this week to discuss Dennis’s extensive career, his art, and what he loves about working at RTNA.   You were one of the first employees hired by Royal Talens North America (RTNA), […]

Featured Story: Plein Air Convention 2017

Every April, like monarch butterflies migrating south, artists descend upon the Plein Air Convention.  Royal Talens has been supporting this event, which has been called the “Woodstock of Painting,” since its inception.  A week-long event that attracts artists from around the world, PACE is a mixture of education, painting excursions, camaraderie and of course, shopping […]

Carmine: Painting with Insect Blood

What do all of these products have in common? Rembrandt oil colours, colour numbers: 318 and 323 Rembrandt acrylic colours, colour number: 318 Rembrandt water colours, colour number: 318 Rembrandt soft pastels, colour number: 318 Van Gogh oil colours, colour number: 318 Van Gogh acrylic colours, colour numbers: 318 and 322 Van Gogh oil pastels, […]

What’s In A Name?

Royal Talens is a household name among artists. We are the team behind the well-known brands Rembrandt and Van Gogh, as well as new innovations such as  Cobra. Our company has been manufacturing professional-grade artist’s materials since 1899. But did you know that we weren’t always Royal? That’s right! It wasn’t until 1949, thanks to The Netherlands’ Queen Wilhelmina, that we became […]