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Featured Product: Bruynzeel Coloured Pencils

The Origins of Colored Pencils Ancient pigmented wax-based colors date back more than 10,000 years. In AD 59, “Pliny the Elder” recorded Romans using colored wax based “Creta”, the Latin word for clay. The word’s descendent, “Crayon”, French for pencil, dates back to the 17th century where the oldest known wood covered pencil was discovered. […]

Featured Employee: Becky Tolomei

Meet Becky Tolomei. Becky has been with Royal Talens North America since July of 2017 and is a major contributor to not only keeping our warehouse running smoothly, but to making sure everyone at headquarters is smiling! What is your role at Royal Talens North America? I’m a pick-and-packer. I pick and I pack. I […]

Featured Color Story: Indian Yellow

Indian yellow An unresolved mystery For a long time it was thought that Indian yellow was derived from the urine of Indian cows. But the mystery surrounding the origins of this wonderful golden yellow pigment is still unresolved. For years now artists have been making use of synthetic alternatives that are identical in colour to […]

Featured Story: The Makers Guild

The Makers Guild is a new collective of non-competitive material manufacturers with a mission to support retailers with the collaboration of leading art materials brands who specialize in their fields and share a common set of goals. Royal Talens, Strathmore, and Princeton have come together to create robust endcap solutions to improve your customers’ in-store […]

Featured Product: Van Gogh Watercolor Half Pan Spinner Display

NEW item no. VGWCHP40 Van Gogh Watercolor Half Pan Spinner Display – Full range – 40 Colours Assembled Dimensions: 10-⅜”w x 11-¾”d x 23-¾”h — 16″ diameter footprint This display is wonderful inspiration for the artist who wants to create their own custom watercolor palettes. With it’s small footprint of only 16″ this attractive display […]

Featured Promotion: NAMTA 2018 Show Specials

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Featured Talk: Competing in a Digital World

Missed our talk at NAMTA or would like to review what you heard? Click on! The .pdf version of our presentation is available here. How Retailers Can Compete with Amazon Kyle Richardson/Kirk Gillepsie/Jeff Olson How retailers can compete with Amazon and others through our partnerships directly or through or distribution partners like SLS and MacPhersons. […]

Justin Vining: Getting Started with Plein Air

Artist Justin Vining walks you through the basics of getting started with Plein Air painting Justin Vining is an Indianapolis-based artist, specializing and landscapes and cityscapes. Justin studied Art Education at Purdue University and taught elementary art for three years. Following his tenure as a teacher, Justin attended Valparaiso Law school, where he rekindled his […]

Namta 2018

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Featured Product: Talens Gouache

We’re about to take a trip into the most misunderstood, perhaps mysterious and certainly one of the most versatile mediums in our range.  For centuries artists, designers, illustrators and educators have been using Gouache for a variety of purposes.  Because of its many unique properties and as a result of it being difficult to classify, […]