A Note from Kyle Regarding New Tariffs

Dear Retailer Partners,

Talens Art Creation Oil Colour

Here at Royal Talens North America, we are more than just a company supplying you with some of the world’s most trusted brands in fine art materials, we are at your side as a partner and a consultant to help you navigate through the good times and the tough challenges we all inevitably face.

As you are aware, there are big changes related to the escalating trade relations with China, and as a result many products next year will see large price increases, which most companies are passing on to the end consumer. As a small industry, with many customers (teachers, students, working artists), who are on a limited budget for these supplies, we want to do everything we can to help mitigate the effect of these tariffs, for you and for the customer.

You can read an example of the retailer reactions in the following article: https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-tariff-china-trade-war-walmart-letter-2018-9

There is also a great deal of information on the page of MacPherson’s regarding tariffs: https://www.macphersonart.com/tariff

We offer you the option to give your customers a break from the onslaught of price increases that they will see this coming year, not just in art materials, but across the board.

Royal Talens crafts the vast majority of our products in the Netherlands, at every quality and skill level, from Novice to Professional. We are largely unaffected by these tariffs. We offer pricing on ranges such as Talens Art Creation which offers a portfolio that is competitive with existing 2018 pricing on many Chinese made goods at this level. We will not be giving a price increase on Talens Art Creation for 2019. We will, as we always have, produce Amsterdam Standard Acrylics, Van Gogh Oils and Watercolors in our factory in Apeldoorn. These products will see little to no price increase from 2018.

Our team here is preparing for the increase in demand for these products in the coming year in order to continue our best-in-class supply chain metrics. We anticipate an early rush to get these products from both those who buy direct as well as through our distributor partners, so we advise that you contact your Royal Talens representative or distributor representative soon to secure your stock prior to the beginning of the year.


Thank you for your support!

Kind Regards,

Kyle Richardson
Vice President, Royal Talens North America

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