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In addition to a wide range of colors, AMSTERDAM has a complete range of auxiliaries. All auxiliaries have hardly any technical limitations and allow for endless possibilities. AMSTERDAM wants to help you create your next masterpiece from start to finish!

With the extended range of auxiliaries AMSTERDAM can help you in every stage of your painting. To help you find your product quickly and easily the assortment is divided into five specific categories. Each category can be identified by a specific color that can help you navigate to your desired product.

Acrylic Binder and Pigment


Acrylic binder is a product with more than one function. You can use it as a glue for collage techniques as well as a primer for greatly absorbent grounds, such as walls and carton. Using a primer avoids the paint being ‘absorbed’. As an artist you can of course also mix your own colors. That, too, is something you can do with acrylic binder. Mix a little pigment with the binder and you can create your own color. In this way you not only determine what goes on the canvas, you also develop the means with which you work.

Modeling Paste


With one of the AMSTERDAM grounds you can make a solid foundation to start painting. AMSTERDAM offers various types of gesso as well as a modeling paste. All of these products will leave an open paint film after drying, allowing you to work on it with all types of paint. You can choose if you want more or less structure, start from black or white or if you want your ground to be a part of your artwork. The perfect way to start your canvas!

Gel Medium


Do you want to experiment with your paint? Use the AMSTERDAM mediums. Combine the paint with one of the mediums and see how the character of the paint changes. With the mediums you can make the paint thicker, glossier, thinner or more matt… They are also suitable for gluing various types of material. If you mix the paint with a medium the color becomes somewhat lighter; however, once dry, the paint will have its original color again. A medium does not have any pigment and when wet it is milky white. When dry a medium is completely colorless and transparent again. Adding a medium makes the paint film even more elastic.

Pearl Medium


Are looking for special effects or structure to add to your painting? In the effect medium category you can find various mediums that you can use directly from the jar or mix with AMSTERDAM acrylics. These effect mediums offer you the possibility to add a new dimension to your work for more creative expression.

Glow In The Dark Medium


As an artist you want your work to remain in good condition. It has to be able to last for generations. But you also want your brushes and tools to last as long as possible. To help you do this AMSTERDAM offers you a range of products to protect your artwork and brushes.

Click here for a guide on our entire AMSTERDAM auxiliaries program.

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