Featured Product: New Ecoline Jar and Colors

Artist Antonio Valiente demonstrates the different application techniques with the new Ecoline Pipette Jars



The demand for Talens Ecoline has risen considerably in the last few years and this has inspired a lot of innovation within the product line (Ecoline liquid watercolor has been a part of the creative landscape since 1930).

The incredible increase in demand for Ecoline is the result of the handlettering, calligraphy and manga trends.  These are often young designers who want to add their own distinctive signature to their digital crafts and share their work online.  Talens Ecoline has a very high colour contrast and quick dry time which allows designs to be reproduced and shared digitally extremely well. Take a look and see what’s being created with Ecoline and shared online! #Ecoline

New this year Talens introduces an improved 30ml jar format which features a pipette cap. The pipette allows users to easily transfer the watercolor from the jar and (as seen in the video above) can be used as a mark making tool!

12 new colors were added to bring the range up to 60 colors and now most colors are available in the Brush Pen format in addition to the 30ml jars. Click here to view the full color chart.

We have also introduced 5-piece peggable brush pen Colorways sets. Each set contains 5 unique colors. All 12 sets encompass the entire brush pen range. Click here to see our full Ecoline product range.

New Ecoline Colors




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