Featured Story: PACE 2018 Recap

The 2018 Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE) saw a record turnout of over 1,000 participants who descended from around the globe into the picturesque city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. A city steeped in art lore, with over 200 galleries and museums, and a mecca for artists and art enthusiasts for generations. They came in pursuit of inspirational techniques being shared by some of the world’s most prestigious Plein Air painters, along with the hope of discovering new treasures being showcased by some of the most respected manufacturers in the art materials industry.

The event began on April 16th and ran for a full week. Royal Talens figured prominently in the expo as one of the original sponsors and featured Rembrandt Oils, Cobra Artist Solvent Free Oils, Rembrandt Watercolors, van Gogh Watercolors, and Rembrandt Pastels. The Rembrandt Oils are always a hit with participants, as their formulation lends itself to the direct painting methods employed by Plein Air artists. Cobra was the surprise big seller, although no surprise to us, as the quality and user friendly features of this brand are contributing to it quickly becoming the number one artist quality solvent free oil in the market. This is the first year that we featured Rembrandt Watercolors, and both the tubes and pan travel sets, drew significant attention from watercolor enthusiasts. The van Gogh “build your own” watercolor travel sets were also a favorite, encouraging real engagement as artists sorted through the selection for their favorite van Gogh Watercolors. We sold through the majority of our Rembrandt Pastel sets, as shoppers took advantage of the fantastic pricing on this stalwart of the medium.

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Along with the great success of our brands, our Royal Talens’ Ambassadors played an active role in the event and our success. Lori McNee, Charlie Hunter, Johanne Mangi, Tim Horn and Bob Masla all joined us at the booth throughout the event, and Lori, Charlie and Joanne were featured speakers. Their continued support for our products has been a contributing factor to the success of our product lines at this event. Both Lori and Charlie are staunch supporters of Cobra, employing very different techniques with truly singular results, and encouraging their fans to seek out Cobra as their primary medium. Johanne and Tim demonstrated the enduring quality of the Rembrandt oils in their highly individualized work in both landscape and portraiture. Bob showed off how the Talens mediums can be used to create dramatic effects and transform the surface of the painting into a mystical realm.

Each year Royal Talens reputation as one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the art materials industry is showcased at this event. Our products feature prominently on the palettes and in the tool boxes of presenters and participants alike. Plein Air painting is a practice dating back to the 18th century and found prominence during the end of the 19th century with the Impressionists. Combining a love for both art and the outdoors, it is one of the fastest growing activities within the Baby Boomer generation. Royal Talens is proud of our affiliation with PACE and looks forward to the 2019 Convention and Expo being held in San Francisco, CA, April 24-28.

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