Featured Story: The Makers Guild

The Makers Guild is a new collective of non-competitive material manufacturers with a mission to support retailers with the collaboration of leading art materials brands who specialize in their fields and share a common set of goals. Royal Talens, Strathmore, and Princeton have come together to create robust endcap solutions to improve your customers’ in-store experience and to embolden your staff to tell the stories that will engage your community.

The Makers Guild is a collective of Art Material manufacturers who have come together to:

  • Curate the right product mix, based on trend and product history/performance
  • Inform creative types about the best products to use for an application and how these products interact with each other
  • Inspire creative action within our communities by developing products and retail solutions that motivate and follow trends

Inspire Creativity and Drive Sales on Seasonal Endcaps! Take a look at our latest endcap centered around the Outdoor Painting and Urban Sketching trends.

About the brands behind Makers Guild:

Royal Talens (Color)

For more than 100 years, Royal Talens has been stimulating creative expression worldwide by developing high-quality brands and products that inspire people to paint and draw.

Strathmore (Paper)

Strathmore Artist Papers are made to exacting specifications for art of all types and for every experience level. For lasting works of art, Strathmore is the artist’s choice.


Princeton (Brush)

Princeton Brush combines quality craftsmanship with innovative synthetic blends to create brushes that have been inspiring artists for over 25 years.


Plein Air Magazine (Media)

PleinAir magazine is focused on landscape paintings by historical and contemporary artists, art collections, events, and the process of creating plein air paintings.

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