Featured Retailer: Artists Emporium


The crowd lining up for Artists Emporium annual open house!

Founded in 1977, Artists Emporium has been serving the arts community for over 40 years. However, it is in their most recent past under the ownership of Janeen Belnovic and management of Bart Jose that Artists Emporium has transformed into a beloved destination for professional artists and beginners alike.  Their slogan “Rediscover the Art of Service” says it all- Artists Emporium is committed to making their customers happy- and they take it seriously!

Janeen and store mascot, Bogie checking out their Cobra displays.

Janeen and Bogie next to Amsterdam- Bogie is ready to paint with brush in mouth!

Artists Emporium in Winnipeg, Manitoba can be described as more of an experience than a retail store. Not only do they have 12,000 square feet of retail space and over 100,000 products at competitive prices- the main store has an art library, a waiting area with comfortable sofas and complementary coffee, a TV for viewing instructional videos, and regularly scheduled workshops. Most distinctive to their store is the two-day Customer Appreciation Open House held each year. This event continues to grow every year in attendance of both artists and vendors. “We wanted a way to give back to our customers and create loyalty.” Each year the open house has a different theme, past years have been “Party in Paris”, “Da Vinci Mystery Party” and a “Knight to Remember.” Artists are showered with samples and festivities- and because of the uniqueness of the event- it puts Winnepeg on the map among artists and international art supply distributors.

To top off the exceptional there is Artist Emporium’s staff. One of Belnovic’s biggest goals was putting together a strong and knowledgeable group of passionate employees that would be able to provide customers with expert service. Most staff are actively involved in the industry. Some are fine art graduates, some are current art students, while others are artists or art teachers.

Belnovic’s advice to other art supply retailers? “The strong relationship I’ve developed with my customers and suppliers are my business’s biggest assets… It may be cliché to emphasize customer service so much, but it really works. Stores that don’t offer a truly unique product mix or a special level of service won’t survive.”


“Artists Emporium began our partnership with Royal Talens as of August 2017 in a response to a demand for Cobra Oils and Amsterdam, a good quality mid-grade acrylic.  As a numbers person who analyses ratios of turns, margins etc., I am extremely pleased with the numerous turns we have experienced with these two lines in the first 4 months. We have sold up to 136 small tubes per color in just 3 ½ months which is very impressive. I think the success of these products can be tribute to the quality vs price point, bright packaging and our marketing to promote the new products.  Artists Emporium looks forward to the continued growth and relationship with Royal Talens for many years to come.” – Janeen Balenovic, Owner

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