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Art Supply Warehouse, Westminster, California

Art Supply Warehouse is the biggest single independent art store in all of southern California- it has been around for a long time! 

“Their team is very creative in merchandising and the way they approach their business. ASW has an incredible selection of products and is extremely reactive to new products coming into the marketplace.” – Dennis Metcalf

Royal Talens North America has chosen to feature this wonderful retailer because they are creative, flexible, on the cutting edge, have a very knowledgeable staff – and are all-around great partners! Here is their story…

Cute pooch sports an ASW smock!

In Westminster California, 1977 three friends opened a tiny art supply store with a vision to sell supplies at an everyday discounted price. Their vision was that no special membership or student discount would be needed and all customers would get the same low price. After surviving humbled beginnings, there was an opportunity for expansion and in 1987 they decided to move across the street into a much larger building. This bold decision laid the foundation which then helped the company become what it is today.

Over 40 years later, ASW has become a warehouse vastly stocked of the highest quality art materials at the lowest price available, all done with preserving that “Ma and Pa” feel. Whether it’s a friendly conversation about life, or giving expert advice about a product- their team values every opportunity to build relationships with their customers. Making art supplies fun is in their culture and they feel it is important that their customers feel the same. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, please stop by and make sure to ask for Cisco!

Catalyst is an art space. A gallery. A Studio. A classroom. An experience. We’ve developed this space as a place for creativity, creation and fun.

ASW’s most recent addition to it’s Amsterdam offerings – Acrylic Ink!

Much of our success starts with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We believe that it is their willingness to go the extra mile that keeps the customers coming back. Establishing and maintaining strong business relationships with our vendors also helps us get the support we need to be successful in our industry. Most importantly, we are not afraid to fail. Whether it’s bringing in new and unproven product or establishing Catalyst, our free form creative art space, we are never satisfied with the status quo. It is our responsibility to push the boundaries of influence to the customers that seek creative resolve. Challenge accepted!

ASW has a long standing relationship with Royal Talens. Rembrandt and Van Gogh are brands that have earned a customer following for decades and with the emergence of Amsterdam acrylics we expect a partnership of continued success for many years to come.

Mural outside ASW done with Amsterdam Acrylics by artist Timothy Robert Smith

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