Cobra Masterclass- Free Digital Series


Water mixable oil painting is an extraordinary painting technique. But you may still be asking…

-How is it possible to mix water and oil?

-Does that work well?


-What is the best way to use it?

Register for this FREE 8-week Royal Talens masterclass ‘Cobra Water Mixable Oil Colours,’ where artist Don Nederhand answers these questions and more. Every week, you will receive a new 12-minute video in your inbox, chock-full of tips, techniques, and information.

Each week, the Masterclass will focus on a different topic:

  1. Cobra solvent-free oil painting

  2. The name Cobra & What is paint?

  3. Production process of paint

  4. Drying and adhesion

  5. Sketching a painting

  6. Painting techniques 1: alla prima (wet-into-wet) & layered painting

  7. Painting techniques 2: glazing and thin washes

  8. Colour and colour mixing

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity- register today!

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