Featured Product: Rembrandt Water Colors

San Francisco Bay Area Artist Ashlee Williamson has developed a unique style that relies on the materials she uses to perform at the highest levels since they are the star of the show.  For this reason she has tried many brands of paper, brushes and paint to find the materials that will fit her needs.  Recently she has made a discovery that Rembrandt watercolors respond to her technique better than other brands that she’s tried.

“I’m using the pan colors and I find that they bring out the best in the paper and make my paintings more vibrant.  I work in a series of layers and its critical that the colors overlap cleanly in order to show all the subtle variations in colors and tones.  I don’t mix on the palette as much as let the colors overlap on the paper.  Rembrandt colors work exceptionally well for glazing in delicate layers. They reconstitute very fast which makes them great for highly saturated paint as well. Some of my favorite colors are their Payne’s gray, Prussian blue and they have a great selection of greens, which is hard to find.  If the materials I use don’t work as I intend them to it makes all the difference in a good or bad painting.  Rembrandt is helping me to create some of my best work”

About Rembrandt Watercolors

Rembrandt Watercolors are still manufactured in a way that is in keeping with a rich and proud heritage in the Netherlands.  For example, the specially selected pigments are ground super-fine on a triple roll mill.  This ensures maximum color clarity and allows the application of uniform washes, even when highly diluted.

For a binder, we use only the best, purified natural gum arabic dissolved in water.  This binder gives the colors a creamy feel and superb color release.  It also provides a slow, easy flow which deters backwash., penetrating the fibers of paper slowly and evenly.  A fluent transition from full-bodied color is virtually guaranteed.

Our color palette is known for a wide range of saturated earth oxides, which provide a striking warmth and are superior for building tones in transparent washes.  Also remarkable are the strong, robust true cadmium and cobalt colors, as well as a breadth of greens which will cover all of what is seen in nature, or that inspires your imagination.

Rembrandt colors are available in 20ml tubes, metal tins half pans sets.  Look for these Dutch colors in your favorite art store, online reseller or catalog.


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