Guest Writer: Vic Hollins Reviews Ecoline

My name is Vic Hollins, and I’ve been living through art my entire life. As not only a full time artist, but also a part time art store employee for many years, I can truthfully say that there is no similar or comparable product in terms of quality or performance to Ecoline. I’ve been using my Ecoline liquid watercolors and Brush Pens nonstop since I’ve acquired them.

-Watch Vic’s Ecoline Liquid Watercolor Video-

Ecoline liquid watercolors are a dream. They can be mixed with so many different mediums: regular watercolors, aqua pencils, and even gouache, to list a few. The colors have both beautiful transparency and granulation abilities but at the same time they are bold. The Liquid Watercolors can be diluted with water for any desired subtlety.

Ecoline brush markers are uniquely above all other brush markers of its type. The colors are explosively vibrant with wonderful ability to mix and blend. They have durable nibs that come to the perfect point; the brush tip can be used for both precise and organic lines.

When paired together, the Ecoline duo’s possibilities are endless. The brush pens can be dipped into the Ecoline liquid watercolor jar and hold the liquid dye on the tip. From there, the Brush pen will write with the color from the jar, and seamlessly blend back to the pen’s original color. This does not destroy the Brush Pen or Liquid Watercolor.

The Ecoline product is high quality and is paired with affordability. Which is one of the reasons Ecoline products can be used by any type of artist; They can be used by beginners or professionals and everyone inbetween. Ecoline Liquid watercolors and Brush pens have added life & vibrancy into my art.


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