Featured Employee: Stephanie Sullivan


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When did you join Royal Talens North America (RTNA)?
I started working with the company in August of 2016

What is your role here?

I do a variety of activities to support the team.  Currently acting as warehouse lead, my role supports distribution and inventory organization.  I also fill in as needed in many other areas of the business. Having an extensive background in visual art, I also contribute by way of  brand support, education, and outreach.   I find it really fulfilling to share my knowledge of the art world and artist materials with people to support and inspire their own creativity.  

Where did you work prior to RTNA & what did you do there?

I held the position of Preparator at the Smith College Museum of Art.  My primary role was to install exhibitions, collection care, and to provide collection support for educators.  

What is your favorite aspect to working here?

I love talking “shop” with other artists and people who love artist materials.  



What is your favorite Royal Talens product? Why?

I have to pick just one? Currently, it has to be Reflex Green Amsterdam Acrylics (neon green color). LOVE this paint.  I love the way Amsterdam Acrylic handles and it’s intensity of color.  This particular color allows me to achieve and illusion of depth that I have not been able to with other paints.  The intensity of the color, that’s what really makes this paint unique.



How do you spend your time away from work?

I spend a good amount of time making art.  I also enjoy gardening, cooking, hiking, and traveling. My husband and I love going to Vermont

to enjoy the land of beer and cheese.  We are also super scifi geeks, which takes up a fair amount of time during the winter months.



Gnome, Digital pigmented print and acrylic on canvas. 14×11 I inches

As a child, what did you want to be as an adult?

A marine biologist. Or a unicorn, close second.

If gifted an all-expenses paid trip, describe your dream vacation.

To travel the world, see amazing natural wonders and eat amazing food, by land and by sea.

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    • Cheryl
    • April 19, 2017

    Even as someone who isn’t an artist, but truly appreciates art, your newsletters are wonderfully interesting. There is a feeling of uniqueness in both the people and the product. It makes one want to be a part of this special art world.

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