Van Gogh Oil Colour: Loving Vincent

Van Gogh Oil Colour, a Royal Talens Brand, to be featured exclusively in Loving Vincent, the first fully hand-painted feature film, produced by BreakThru Films. We are honored to have been chosen to represent such an astonishing cinematic feat. Every single frame was painted by hand! Take a look at the gorgeous trailer below:

Last, but not least, a beautiful testimonial from director Hugh Welchman (Oscar winner for producing Peter and the Wolf):  

“In 2014 we researched and tested 9 different brands of paints from 6 manufacturers. We took into consideration quality of the paint, viscosity, how the colours came across, range of colours, and price. Some of those tested were rejected because of viscosity, others were rejected because a particular colour that was important to us on the film wasn’t right, others because the oil and pigment were separating. The colour that mattered most to us was yellow. We needed a brand that had a good range of yellows, and for the yellow to be very saturated. The tests consisted of applying paint to canvas boards and photographing them under different lighting conditions

There were 3 brands which passed our tests and Van Gogh was the obvious choice from these three because it had the greatest range of colours, and additionally it was the cheapest of the 3. Price was very important to us as we would be buying over 1,000 litres of paint! The fact that the brand we chose was called Van Gogh was just a happy coincidence.”

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    • B P Moffit
    • March 23, 2017

    this is going to be good!

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