What’s In A Name?

Royal Talens is a household name among artists. We are the team behind the well-known brandsRembrandtandVan Gogh, as well as new innovations such as Cobra.

Our company has been manufacturing professional-grade artist’s materials since 1899. But did you know that we weren’t always Royal?

That’s right! It wasn’t until 1949, thanks to The Netherlands’ Queen Wilhelmina, that we became Royal Talens. So what exactly does that mean?

In order for a Dutch company or manufacturer to receive the Royal designation, it must be at least 100 years old and hold a position of importance in its field and in the nation.

Queen Wilhelmina, monarch of The Netherlands from 1890-1948, was an artist and a known fan of Talens, and used our products on a daily basis. This made her feel closely connected to Talens, a company that represented her two greatest joys: art and her nation.

She wanted to share this love with the rest of the world. So, in 1949, she made Talens Royal, because Royal Talens has the same passion artists have… not to create the most beautiful work, but to produce and develop the best paint and artists’ materials. Thanks to this great Queen, we are proudly known around the world as Royal Talens.

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